Sunblitz Pokies

Welcome to Sunblitz pokies.  Founded in 2007, Sunblitz Pokies first started supplying second hand gaming machines to clubs and pubs in central NSW.  Over the next 5 years the business expanded operations across central and eastern NSW, supplying gaming machines all the way down the East coast.

In 2012 Sunblitz open its first offices in Queensland, South Australia and Victoria following investment secured from Qiunblock, a US firm of private equity investors.  This injection of capital has seen the company treble in size in the last 18 months alone.  We are fast becoming a major player in the Australian pokies market.

Our Primary Services:

  • on-site servicing of pokies and other video based gaming machines
  • sourcing of reconditioned and second hand pokie machines
  • end of life disposal of old and damaged pokies

Geographical Areas:

  • Central and Eastern NSW
  • Queensland
  • Victoria
  • South Australia
  • Northern Territory

Please note that we do not currently provide services to either Tasmania and Western Australia.

 Our Background:

Hit Pokies websiteAs mentioned above Sunblitz Pokies has grown at a considerable pace over the last few years.  Much of this is driven by an injection of capital by our investors, but we also pride ourselves on our ability to serve our customers needs and to go one step further than the competition.  Repeat business from clubs and pubs across Australia has helped us not only become a major supplier of pokies across all product verticals.

It is certainly a challenging time in the Australian gambling sector at the moment, following the publication of the Productivity’s Commission into Australian gambling.  As a business we specialise in the supply of high intensity machines, most of which are known simply as pokies or poker machines within the Australian market.

The technological advances that are occurring within the pokies market are both a blessing and a curse for clubs and pubs that operate gaming machines at their venues.  Machines quickly become outdated by newer machines with more advanced graphics and arguably greater entertainment value.  With the average cost of a new pokie machine coming in at around AU $30,000, replacing old pokie machines with new ones can be an expensive process.

The growth in online gambling is an issue all Australian clubs and casino venues need to face.  The land based gambling venues and establishments no longer hold a monopoly over their Australian audience.  The proliferation and growth in the popularity of online sites represents a direct challenge that can no longer be ignored.  Our advice in these circumstances is simple.  Australian pubs, clubs and casino venues need to actively market themselves more aggressively than ever before.  Having worked with a variety of establishments across Australia we certainly know what types of promotions work and what doesn’t.  By all means get in touch with us if there is any information you would like about this and other strategies to help generate continuing revenue streams from your pokie machines in what can only be described as challenging times.

This is where Sunblitz Pokies can help your business.  We have a huge range of stock from the leading pokie machine manufacturers.  If you find a particular game within your club is not being utilised then we can help you.  We specialise in helping you maximise the revenue that pokies generate within your business.  Examples of some of the leading pokies that we have in stock can be found here